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Holistic Heart-based Living

Turning "Joy Blocks" into Pathways for Happiness

Living with Joy No Matter What

Ready for Your Heart-based Living?

Imagine waking up every day with a renewed sense of energy and a clear mind. As a busy soulful professional over 40, you prefer to live a life free from the weight of stress and negative habits so that you can bring more peace and joy to you and others. It's time to prioritize your well-being and start embracing ...

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Healthy Lifestyle is the Future Medicine.

Are you ready to experience a significant shift in your perspective towards life and yourself? Working with Ms. Peiming Sun is your answer.

Through modern scientific breakthroughs, we now know that our DNA can hold onto "digital" information and our past experiences and memories as epigenetic triggers, can ...

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Embody Your Innate Power!

More often than not, we have lived in a physical reality created by our fear-based and conditioned minds. Are you aware of this fact?

Combining her own embodying & awakening experience, Ms. Peiming Sun has also gained various certifications, such as Thrive Global, Tiny Habits Method, Happy for No Reason, ...

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Why Working With Us

🌞 Accepting Who You Are & What You Are 100%
🌞 Gaining New Perspective for Life & Self
🌞 Creating Good Habits for Happy For No Reason
🌞 Building Lifestyle for Heart-Based Living
🌱 Evidence-based Strategies & All-natural Biohacks!
🌱 Step-by-Step Instruction with Ease & Flow!
🌱 Bilingual Mentor Who Supports Your Transformation!
🌱 Effortless & Holistic Pain & Stress Management!


  • Affordable Workshops
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  • Evidence-Based Modalities
  • Global Bi-lingual Service

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